Dark Souls Mouse Control Mod Turns It Into A Genuine PC Game

Dark Souls Mouse Control Mod

Every day, the PC gaming industry is trying to produce a new game which will overcome our expectation. Considering that technology is advancing, we now have superior games on the market. Which are trying to seize our attention and take the throne in this business. When a game Dark Souls appeared online, we had big assumptions, but, unfortunately, it failed to deliver the promised results. The Dark Souls should come with a warning. Even though this game is designed for PC. It doesn’t provide such a performance.

The Dark Souls should come with a warning

The entire game plays like someone took an Xbox 360 and put it on your PC. There are several reasons for this claim, the HUD is enormous, the texture is muddy. And features like control over the field and vsync are nonexistent. The plot of the game was designed to provide the players an ultimate experience.

The twisted, medieval fantasy land of Lordran that stretches away like a dark night.

If you use the wrong way, the things and creatures that lurk in the dark will get you. The world and the environment in the Dark Souls were imagined very well. But somehow, the game reminds us of six-year-old kids who are hearing the noises in a dark house.

Dark Souls Mouse Control

No matter what character you choose, everything around you is muddy and dark. And your only assignment is to bring the light to the world and save your soul. All players start the game as lifeless creatures and fight to become humans again. But just for a while and you wait next time until you die. When you start playing this game, you will live and fight for this moments. But when you die, you are aging one of the dark creatures, and your fight starts all over again.

Another warning?

The game comes with another warning, in some way the Dark Souls feels unfair because you are fighting demons ten times your size and each swung with mace will consume your health bar rapidly. With the keyboard controls only, many players gave up and quit the game because there is no way you can beat the beats in the Dark Souls.

You just don’t have enough control so that you can maneuver your game.

In this way, the game seems unfair towards players. It appears that biggest flaw of this game is that you can’t beat the underground creatures. No matter how hard you try and you are always returned to the beginning. As a lifeless creature, fighting for the light and for your soul to become a human again.

another warning

But, if you are one of those people who gave up and left the game, then we have good news for you. Thanks to DSfix you are finally able to change the rendering resolution and mod texture, even though the mouse and keyboard controls were awful.

“Dark Souls is one of the best games ever made”

Many PC players still consider the Dark Souls as one of the best games ever made. And this can be true, with the Dark Souls Mouse Fixes. Many of the problems that appeared in the previous version are solved now. And according to their download page the following things are fixed:

  • No further acceleration.
  • The correct mouse input without controller acceleration.
  • Additional features and flexible options as individual horizontal and vertical sensitives and camera positions and bow aiming.
  • Any action can be bound to a mouse button and the mouse wheel, or you can use keyboard key.
  • UI auto cursor mode enables and disables the cursor whether the menu is open or not.
  • The option for target switching is improved.
  • GUI is included for easy configuration.
  • It is compatible with DSFix.

So far, the improvements that have been made in a Dark Souls provided great features to the players. The DarkSoulMouseFix is a significant improvement and a step forward. Finally, the Dark Souls is a PC game which many players can enjoy. Once you master all there features and new enhancements. You will be able to play this game with great pleasure. If you are still new, don’t worry, the developers included a guide to help you get around the controls. We are sure you will love playing this game.


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